Every job requires a site inspection to determine suitability for a solar installation as regulated by the Clean Energy Council & the Clean Energy Regulator.

Careful design is required to minimise panel shading as this has a detrimental effect on solar energy production.

It is commonly quoted that a north facing site is best. This can be the case sometimes, but there are many other determining factors.

For example, if there is shade affecting the north roof or the customer uses power in the morning or afternoon then north may not be ideal.

With net metering it is preferable to choose a roof that matches the customers load profile.

A well designed solar installation is well worth the time invested.

A shade analysis report is created by taking photos of the Solar Pathfinder (pictured below) in the spot where panels are to be positioned and then the images are processed with software to create the site report.

Click on the links to see some examples of:

- Solar pathfinder report

- Site diagram

- Wiring diagram